Gastric Sleeve Surgery – A Suitable Obesity Solution

Are you having difficulty losing excess weight despite constant exercise and following a strict diet? If your BMI stays above 40 despite all your efforts, it may be time to opt for gastric sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico. In this procedure, surgeons reduce the size of your stomach by 85% by permanently removing a part of it and joining the remaining portions together to make a new stomach, now called “sleeve.”

With this smaller sleeve, you will feel fuller faster. And because you won’t be able to eat as much food as before, you will eventually lose weight.

Bariatric surgeons recommend this procedure for their patients who struggle with severe obesity. And for many of them, gastric sleeve surgery is among the best weight-loss solutions today for the following reasons.

Effective in reducing the high amount of weight

Most patients can lose 30% of their extra weight over a year after the procedure. Some have been more successful and can shed off 60% of their excess weight. While the results vary and depend on the level of patient’s commitment to dieting and exercise, there’s no doubt that the procedure is effective.

Long-term results

Aside from reducing the amount of food that your stomach can hold, another major impact of the surgery on your body is hormonal changes. The procedure removes the part of your stomach that makes a hormone called Ghrelin that boosts your appetite. Therefore, you will feel fewer hunger pangs. This will be beneficial in maintaining your excess weight loss for a long time.

Less invasive

Compared to gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve in Tijuana is less invasive. There’s no need to reroute your intestines because the nerves to the stomach and outlet valve are kept connected, preserving the natural functions. Also, it can be performed laparoscopically using small incisions.

Because of this, patients are less likely to develop “dumping syndrome” typically associated with gastric bypass.