How a Simple Stomach Sleeve Surgery Can Mean Big Weight Loss

A gastric sleeve procedure is one of the newer forms of stomach surgery in Tijuana, and it has quickly gained popularity in bariatric surgery. Doctors recommend this to people with severe obesity, with a BMI of 40 and up. Many patients also prefer this procedure because it is minimally invasive. 

How is gastric sleeve surgery done?  

Gastric sleeve surgery removes a large portion of your stomach to reduce its size. The size of the stomach to be removed varies from person to person, but it ranges from 60% to 85%. The portion of the stomach that is left behind is called a sleeve. This surgery is less invasive because, unlike gastric bypass, there will be no need to reroute the intestines. The sleeve will function normally because it is still attached to the stomach inlet and outlet. Thus, you will absorb the nutrients that your body needs naturally. 

This type of stomach surgery in Mexico can also be done using small incisions through laparoscopy. For this reason, it is considered one of the safest weight loss procedures available today. 

How is it effective in promoting weight loss?  

The procedure permanently removes a large portion of your stomach to restrict the amount of food you can consume effectively. This means that you will feel full sooner than usual and eat less overall. Also, stomach surgery removes the part of your stomach that stimulates appetite, called Ghrelin. You will feel satiated for a longer time. This is another factor that will help you sustain weight loss.  

What are the other benefits of bariatric surgery?  

The following benefits are linked not only to gastric sleeve surgery but also to stomach surgery in general: 

  • Reduced risk of medical conditions related to obesity like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, joint pain, stroke, and sleep apnea
  • Boost self-esteem and overall mental health
  • A significant shift to a healthier lifestyle