Is Tijuana, Mexico is the Place for Affordable Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Is the cheapest gastric sleeve surgery in the USA still too expensive? You may want to head south and consider crossing the border.

Mexico has been gaining popularity due to medical tourism. It has become common knowledge that medical care in the country costs much lower than that in the US. World-class gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is cheap—yes, it is even more affordable than the gastric sleeve, which is among the US states with the lowest health care costs.

When you opt for gastric sleeve, you can save about 40% to 65% of the prices charged back home. You can even save more than 70% in some hospitals on everything, including the surgeon’s and the anesthesiologist’s fees, medications, and hospital meals. Is Mexico the place for affordable weight-loss surgery? Definitely. You can stop looking for a cheap gastric sleeve in Los Angeles and across the border instead.

Because gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is so affordable, many people question the quality and safety of the procedure. The truth is that all surgeries, invasive or minimally invasive, involve certain risks. To eliminate fear and doubt, you should cautiously choose your hospital and surgeon. Here are the things that you must do first before flying to Mexico.

  1. Research about the leading hospitals performing bariatric surgeries that follow global standards.
  2. Check hospital accreditation and board certification by industry organizations.
  3. Get to know their bariatric surgeons, checking qualifications, training, and experience in performing gastric sleeve. 
  4. Consider finding a bilingual doctor to prevent miscommunication.

Before making appointments, it’s good to research about how gastric sleeve surgery works, its benefits, as well as risks. Equipping yourself with information will help you make the right choice for yourself and select the most suitable hospital in Mexico.