Lap Band Surgery – The Facts and Cost of Lap Band Surgery Now

People with obesity who struggle with losing excess weight have several weight loss surgery options. Among the best is a lap band surgery in Tijuana. This weight loss procedure alters the digestive system by placing an adjustable band in the stomach’s upper part. It creates a smaller pouch that can only hold about an ounce of food. Because of this, you will feel fuller faster, even if you don’t eat much. Through food restriction, you will lose about 35% to 45% of excess weight and sustain a healthy weight for a long time.


The price of lap band surgery in Tijuana varies. It will depend on which hospital you choose. But if you compare it to the cost of the same surgery in the U.S, then it’s going to be much cheaper. The cost of healthcare in Mexico is more affordable than in the U.S. Here, you can save about 40–65%.


Compared to gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery, lap band is considered the safest procedure. It involves neither removing a large part of your stomach nor rerouting of small intestines. Also, it can be performed laparoscopically, using small incisions and a tiny camera. Recovery time is faster, and post-operation complications and side effects such as dumping syndrome are less likely to happen.

Take note, though, that all kinds of surgery carry a certain level of risk. For your peace of mind, look for a reliable hospital and a surgeon experienced in performing lap band in Tijuana. Always check hospital accreditation and the board certification of the doctor.


Aside from weight loss, the lap band surgery in Tijuana also promises other health benefits. According to research on the effectiveness of bariatric surgery, patients enjoy improved overall health after the operation. They experience less of the symptoms of obesity-related conditions like hypertension, stroke, sleep apnea, and joint problems. Because of their transformation, they also feel more satisfied with their looks and become more confident.