Mini Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery In Mexico: Cost, Benefits, And Risks

Obesity or excessive body fat accumulation kills over 4 million people each year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) statistics. This chronic condition increases the person’s risk of developing life-threatening diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. Diet and exercise are often recommended to reduce weight, but when a person has exhausted all options, going through bariatric surgery is recommended. Bariatric surgery, such as a mini sleeve gastrectomy, involves adjusting your digestive system to assist in weight loss.

The mini sleeve gastrectomy was invented in 1997 by Dr. Robert Rutledge and has grown more popular since. Mini gastric bypass in Mexico is safer because the risk of mortality or death is less than 0.5%, compared to the mortality rate of a traditional gastric bypass surgery, which is 7%.

A mini sleeve gastrectomy is technically easier, performed faster, less invasive, and, as mentioned, has a much lower mortality and complication rate. The procedure involves creating a long, narrow pouch of the stomach, which is then connected to the small intestine, bypassing a portion of the intestine.

This surgery, like any major surgery, has risks—including blood clots, breathing problems, gastrointestinal leaks, infection, gallstones, bowel obstruction, and many more. While the complication rate is low for this procedure, finding the right surgeon to perform your mini sleeve gastrectomy is highly important.

Your surgeon should have plenty of years of experience as a bariatric surgeon in Mexico. They should also be trained to offer a full range of bariatric surgical options and know which one is most suitable for you. Your doctor should also work out a comprehensive approach that addresses your weight loss plan from start to finish.

However, this could be pricey. Typically, a mini sleeve gastrectomy will cost around US$11,000. In Mexico, a mini gastric bypass will cost roughly half or US$5,500. The price doesn’t determine the quality, and if you can get better results for a cheaper price, then why not go for it?